Monday, June 29, 2009

Dancing Ballerina!

My dancing Ballerina!

You'll have to turn your head cause I don't know how to work this. But it is pretty cute. Matthew's mother give this outfit to her yesterday and she immediately said she was a ballerina. Not sure if this video will work. That's why I uploaded the pictures.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vacation to Arkansas

Cailin and I just got back from a vacation to Arkansas. We spent a week with Mom and Dad and had a wonderful time. I thought a vacation was for resting, but we were busy!! We got there on Monday afternoon and rested the afternoon. Tuesday we rode up to Lake Greeson. It's about 20 minutes away and you never hit paved roads until you are there. Things have changed since my last ride through the hills. Glad Daddy was driving cause I would have gotten lost. We also spent some time outside blowing bubbles.

Nana would blow the bubbles and Cailin would catch them.
On Wednesday we went to the creek. I wanted some rocks to make a fire ring in my backyard. There are no rocks in KY so I had to import mine. We got them out of the creek in the hills. Cailin had lots of fun playing in the water. She was soaking wet by the time that we left. I didn't have my camera or extra clothes for her. I'll post pics once I get the rocks in place.

That afternoon we went to the water park. The water park is at the Crater of Diamonds State Park. It was a great couple of hours in the water. The deepest part was 3 foot and there was a slide. Cailin loved the slide once some older girls got her up there.

Daddy had already made a trade to have some chicken litter spread on the place. It came on Thursday. It was a very cool day and the wind came out of the North (the only day that it did). It was pretty smelly that day, so good thing we had made plans for the day. Cailin wanted to do to the cow sale. Dad and I took her to one in Feb. but it didn't last as long as she wanted. So we took her to Glenwood. The sale lasted longer than we did.

Friday we went to Oklahoma to see my Nanny. We spent the day with her and it was so nice to see her. Cailin is very lucky to have two great-grandmothers still living. We live next door to the other one. Nanny had to get ready for her Relay for Life event that night. She is a cancer survivor and we lost Pa to cancer in December.

Saturday Cailin and I went to Texarkana to visit a friend and do a little shopping. She was so tired by Sunday we were not going anywhere, but my friend in Texarkana called and they were taking their kids to the water park. I knew Cailin would love to go one more time, so off we went for a couple hours.

I wanted to take her picture in front of the sign going into the park.

She wanted hers in front of the Yield sign. We both got what we wanted

She was so tired that she fell asleep on the way home and I let her sleep for a few minutes when we got home.

Cailin and Papa spent a lot of time on the mule. They had to check the cows several times a day. Good thing Daddy had stocked up on gas before we got there.

Before we left they had rode so much and Cailin is such a big girl that she could and would close the gate all by herself.

Wished I would have gotten a better picture so you could see the Weiner dog riding with them. We had a great vacation. We came home on Monday and was glad to see Matthew, Belle, and Rizzo. Now we have to get busy finding a place for my rocks and Cailin got a bicycle from the neighbor kid next to Mom and Dad. So we have to learn to ride a bicycle. I hope you have a great time on your next vacation.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Oh Spring and Rizzo-How I love Thee!!

Oh how I love spring and all the blossoms and blooms that it brings. It also brings us outside. When it has not been raining, we have been outside. We watched a Momma bird sit on her eggs and then checked the nest to see the baby birds were gone.

We watched the Dogwood tress bloom. This has to be my favorite color of Dogwood. And then we watched the rain beat all the blooms off the trees.

We even hang out in the trees sometimes!

And Oh Rizzo, How I love Thee! Spring has also brought out the moles. Our yard is terrible. I don't think there is enough product in the stores to rid us of them. And that is why I love Rizzo. Most mornings we see her with her latest "live" toy. Most days it's a mole but she also favors field mice. Works for me. I just don't like it when she leaves them out for me to see. I would much rather her put up her "toys" when she is done. She has to be the best free cat that a person could ask for.

I just had to post the pretty face! Cailin and I got our haircut on Friday. The lady who did it also fixed Cailin's hair and told her how pretty she was. Cailin said that "we needed to go to Daddy's office to show him how pretty she was". So we did.

And last, my new hobby. Sewing. I have only been doing this about two weeks. And the projects are super-duper easy. This is a notepad cover.

This is a chapstick/lipstick case.

This is a travel tissue cover.

My friend told me that she would know that I was bored when I made a cover for the remote. I'm going to make some things other than covers, but these were very easy practice projects.
I wonder what people will be getting for Birthdays and Christmas????

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Random Cailin

I have been wanting to post pics for a while and now I have finally taken the time to do so. It is a beautiful day and Cailin is napping.
While Cailin and I were at my parents house, during the ice storm, I talked my dad into building a bookcase/toy box for Cailin. Matthew had to mail my the magizine with the idea, and then me and Daddy put our own twist to it. They came up the week after Cailin's birthday and brought it. I think it turned out great. Daddy put a lot of time into it and it will be something that Cailin can keep with her. We filled it up just as soon as we got it into her room. Here is is below. Daddy made it very sturdy thinking of Cailin and my nephew climbing on it. Well we don't have to worry about them climbing on it. But we did find them in it!!!
Aren't they two of the cutest kids that you have ever seen. Jaden was being a stinker and wouldn't look at the camera.
Jaden spent the afternoon with us last week while M&J went to a movie. The kids had soooo much fun together. He got here about 2:30 and we did not go in the house until bath time. They even ate their supper outside. Here they are just eating a snack. The thing about two is, double the help picking up sticks. They were both very tired (and DIRTY) at the end of the day! Below is the tub after Cailin's bath. The kids had thrown dirt at each other and it stuck to Cailin's head. She had to rinse off with the shower.
Do you remember the post about the deer rub in the backyard? Well, now we have turkeys. Or at least did. This one crossed the road into the field across the road from the house. I heard him one morning when I was in the bathroom. Talk about having wildlife in your back yard. We think he may have been taken because we haven't heard him in a while.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Mom, are we finished yet????

Our dog, Belle, rolled in something awful as most dogs seem to try if they have a chance to roam. This morning we are preparing for the arrival of Nana and Papa tomorrow, WOOOOHOOOOO!! Belle had to have a bath. She does really good and will kinda help get herself in the tub. She stands still like a well trained dog should, thanks to Matthew's long training hours with her. She has no problem getting herself out. This is her pitiful look of, "Are we done yet?"

I know better than to post just about the dog, so here is some Cailin also. A couple weeks ago we were outside trying to clean up the yard. It was very windy and Cailin really didn't want to be outside. Well, really none of us did, but we tried to make the most out of it for her. Matthew set up his Ameristep pop-up blind. I brought out her table and chair, books, baby, drink, and snack to get her set up. At one point she was looking out one of the windows and was shotting deer. I think we have a future hunter on our hands. She did ask, "Are you finished yet?" We had to end our day early because of the wind. You'll be happy to know, or may not really care, but the yard is looking good. We still have limbs that fall every time the wind blows, but that is to be expected. Now we just need to mow!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Dancing with Daddy!

Cailin has turned into a dancing machine. Every time music comes on she is up a moving. If we are in the truck, she is bobbing her head. She got Matthew up and got him to dancing. He was teaching her the two step. It was so sweet!!!